Please allow us 1-5 Business Days to Process payments to make sure they have properly cleared and then Prep your item for Shipment. Once Shipped out please allow 2-5 Business Days to receive your item. Please keep in mind Weekends and Holidays do not count as a Business Day! Once your item has shipped out you should receive an E-mail from the USPS with your tracking number and tracking info!

Please Read Carefully!

If you need a specific item by a specific date we would recommend that you contact us first. To verify that we will be able to make it happen for you. We sell out very quickly and find ourselves placing re-order shipments on a daily which we receive in 2-5 Business Days. Which may delay your shipment process. So PLEASE do contact us first if your item is needed by a specific date. We do not want to upset our customers or customers experience with Urban Couture! Because it also upsets us that we weren't able to fulfill your request in the timely matter you have wished for. Thank you for understanding! 

Shipping Options

If we do indeed have your item on hand and you have verified with us that it is indeed on hand it is possible we can get your item to you in 2-4 business days.
If we do not have the item on hand at the moment you want to place your order, we still recommend you purchasing your item to guarantee your spot as soon as we get our re-order shipment from our warehouse and the same for a pre-order item which would typically take 5-7 business days however some items may take longer then 5-7 business days. Longest would be 6-12 business days. 
However, if the item you want at the moment is not available on hand and you don't want to wait 5-7 business days and rather receive your item in 2-5 business days instead we would consider this an expedited service which would be $15.00 for U.S shipping.

International Shipping

We do ship Internationally! Shipping Rates for International Orders are different from U.S Shipping rates. Minimum of 6-12 Business Days for shipping.